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Have American women shrunk? Why are the straps nearly 2" shorter on the bras being manufactured now?

(3820 and 3036). Even fully extended the "adjustable" straps dig into my shoulders. I just returned 5 bras to JC Penney and couldn't find one comfortable fit in a Hanes/Bali store this week. All the new bras had too short straps.

I was wearing an older Bali bra that had longer straps and compared them.

Bali used to be great, now it's going down hill since you're cutting corners. Lesser quality material and shortening the strap length. I don't need my girls up around my neck.

I won't buy Bali again until this is corrected.

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I’m having not only the short strap problem, but the cups seem to run a size smaller than marked on the bras, when compared to comparable, or even the same style, bras bought elsewhere! The two things a bra manufacturer and/or distributor should NEVER cut corners on are the cup sizes and strap lengths! In certain “odd” sizes (ex: small number, big letter), the bras are just too damned expensive to not fit—-and too difficult to return to boot!

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